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How to Videos - Induction Hob

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How to use Table Top Induction
How to Stew Chicken With Induction
How to Stew Chicken With Induction
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How to Melt Chocolate with Induction
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How to Master Wok Cooking With Induction
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How to Get Best From Induction Hob

Welcome to the Electrolux stove & hob product page

Start your exciting cooking journey with an easy-to-care-for stove. Take a look at our variety of gas hobs and induction hobs, available in 1, 2 and 3 cooking zones.

Stoves are a central component of any kitchen, indispensable for cooking in your own home. They allow you to cook anything from soups and stews to vegetables and fried treats. Stoves come in different sizes, types and use different fuel sources.

Find on this page helpful information to simplify your search for a perfect cooker hob for your kitchen.

Types of stoves and hobs

Stoves can use two different types of fuel to power your cooking, and they both have pros and cons.

Electric stoves

Electric stoves can be either radiant or induction cooktops. They use electricity to heat up the food. They’re what most people are familiar with and are relatively easy to use.

  • Electric induction cooktops: Only heat up the pots and pans, not the surface itself, so they’re safer for children. They’re also more efficient but needs specific cookware. Find more helpful information in our article about things you need to know about induction cooking.

  • Electric radiant hobs: These radiant hobs heat up quickly, but they’re not the most efficient and stay hot for a long time after turning them off.

Gas hobs

  • Require a gas connection but are very versatile in cooking and offer lots of temperature control.

  • Heat up very fast and offer detailed control, but they also cool off quickly. However, people might feel uncomfortable with using gas and open flames.

Not sure which hob is right for you? Read this post for more details regarding the pros and cons of induction hobs, gas stoves and ceramic hobs.

Choose number of burners by family size

Stoves come with varying numbers of burners, and buyers should keep in mind their household size:

Family size

Number of burners

1-2 people

Single burner or 2-burner stoves

3-4 people

3 - 4 burner stoves

5+ people

5 burner stoves

Stove sizes

Stoves come in various sizes based on the type and the number of cooking zones they offer. Here are the most popular stove dimensions and sizes:

Induction hob size

Number of cooking zones


2 cooking zone induction hob

W: 70cm, D: 68cm, H: 4cm 

3-4 cooking zone induction hob

W: 80cm, D: 52cm, H: 5cm 

Gas hob size

Number of burners


2-3 burner gas hob

W: 80cm, D: 50cm, H: 6.5-15cm 

4 burner gas hob

W: 60cm, D: 52cm, H: 6.5-15cm 

5 burner gas hob

W: 90cm, D: 50cm, H: 6.5-15cm 

Choose stove width by family size

Besides number of burners, family size is also the deciding factor to help you choose how wide your new cooktop should be.

Family size

Recommended stove width

1-2 people

30 - 40cm wide

3-4 people

60cm wide

5+ people

70 - 90cm wide

Stove features

Many modern stoves let you combine cooking zones and offer enhanced security both in electric and gas cooking by automatically turning off before any danger occurs. Take a look at our Stove & Hob Buying Guide to find out more about the unique features that make Electrolux stoves stand out from the crowd.

Choosing the perfect stove with Electrolux

Electrolux is renowned for its high-quality stoves, both gas stoves or induction hobs. With the Flame Safety Device and secure pan detection, you never need to worry about your family’s safety.

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