Environment and Sustainability

The Electrolux Group strives to ensure that its products, services and production contribute to sustainable development. To this end, product designs aims to reduce adverse environmental impact throughout the product life cycle, while resource and energy consumption waste and pollution are regularly monitored for improvement.

The Group takes a proactive approach regarding environmental legislation, and encourages suppliers to adopt the same environmental principles as those pursued by Electrolux. In 2007, Electrolux Group has been awarded by the European Commission for its continuous efforts to improve energy efficiency.

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#happyplateSG 2017

#happyplateSG 2017 is social community initiative inspired to raise awareness around food waste in Singapore, and focused on utilizing expiring food at home through the social movement #SeasonYourEx.

As an initiative #SeasonYourEx aims to familiarise consumers with the variety of food labels used by grocery retailers and supermarket chains, and encourage them to reduce food wastage in their homes. Simple actions such as regularly checking our food pantries or refrigerators for expiring canned food, leftover food or expiring food items, can go a long way.

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We ask that you join us on #SeasonYourEx! All you have to do is:

  • Post a photo of an expired, or soon to be expired, food or leftover item in your home on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share what you can do with it
  • Hashtag #SeasonYourEx #HappyPlateSG before Nov 30, 2017.

For every 5 #hashtags and/or social media shares, Electrolux will fund the costs of running The Food Bank Singapore’s van for one day.

Learn more at Happyplate.sg

Take a look at what we did in 2015 and 2016…

In 2015, the #happyplateSG community initiative raised food waste awareness in Singapore by rallying the public to upload photos of their empty plates on Instagram with the hashtag #happyplateSG.

For every three photo uploads, Electrolux donated a Happy Food Bundle to The Food Bank Singapore – and together with the help of volunteers we managed to pack and distribute these Happy Food Bundles to 1,000 families in need.

#happyplateSG 2016 encouraged consumers to embrace ugly food in food preparation and consumption. By posting a picture of “ugly food” on Instagram with the hashtags -#UglyIsTheNewGood and #HappyplateSG, consumer would help to fund the Fresh Food Truck, ensuring The Food Bank Singapore could collect and distribute excess perishable food items to families most in need across Singapore.

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