General terms and conditions of sale

1.1 Registration and Preparation of agreement.

a) The terms and conditions on this website are not deemed to be an offer for sale and there is no agreement for the sale and purchase of the Products between Customer and the Company until we have sent the Products to Customer address.
b) For submission of the purchase order, Customer are required to follow the online shopping process on this website. After that, Customer will receive a confirmation on the purchase order as confirmation that Customer order has been received.
c) The purchase order is deemed accepted when the Product that Customer have purchased is delivered to the delivery address indicated by Customer. If Customer purchase order consists of a number of Products, there may be multiple deliveries, each completed delivery shall be an acceptance of the purchase order.

1.2 Price and Payment.

Even though we have tried our best to provide correct details, explanation and price shown on the website, mistakes may be possible. If we have found a mistake in the price of any Product that Customer have ordered, we will inform Customer of this matter as soon as possible and will have Customer make a decision whether to confirm Customer purchase order at the correct price or to cancel such purchase order. If we are unable to contact Customer, we will hold that such purchase order is cancelled. If Customer have cancelled the purchase order before we have made the delivery to Customer and Customer have already made the payment for such purchase order, Customer will receive the entire refund, subject to our policy and condition.

  1. a) Such price has included Goods and Services Tax (“GST”) and is made in Singapore Dollar (“SGD”). The delivery and/or installation expense(s) (if any) will be computed in addition to the price of the Products. Such delivery expense will be clearly presented and included in the final price.
  2. b) There is no obligation to comply with Customer purchase order if the price shown on this website is incorrect (even though we have already received Customer purchase order).
  3. c) Customer may make the payment through our payment service channel listed on our website.

2. Purchase order

2.1 Incorrect purchase order.

If Customer find any mistake in the purchase order after Customer have sent the purchase order, you are unable to make any correction by yourself on the website. Please contact Please prepare the number of your purchase order to inform us for further process to cancel your purchase order and to re-purchase.

2.2 The Customer is not allowed to unilaterally cancel any Orders without any valid reasons.

If the Customer believes that he or she has a valid reason to cancel an Order, the Customer is to contact for the cancellation of your purchase order. Please prepare your purchase order number on hand.

2.3 Electrolux will have the right to make changes or cancel an Order in the following circumstances:

(i) 3 failed delivery attempts;
(ii) stock unavailability;
(iii) payment issues;
(iv) errors in price and/or in description of the Products before the Order Acceptance and Dispatch Confirmation is sent by Electrolux to the Customer.

Electrolux will inform Customer when it cancels an Order.

3. Payment

Electrolux currently accept multiple credit and debit cards. Payments are processed through a secure payment gateway. Electrolux may change Electrolux’s offering of cards and banks.

4. Delivery

4.1 Customer order will be fulfilled by the estimated delivery date (and time slot if applicable) set out in the confirmation at the delivery address indicated by Customer in Customer purchase order. Any incomplete address shall cause delay delivery.

4.2 The Ordered Product will be delivered to the delivery address in accordance.

Electrolux delivers from Monday to Saturday between 10.00 am to 5.00pm excluding Sunday & public holidays. Once confirmed, an Order will be delivered within three (3) to five (5) days to delivery addresses in Singapore (except for Jurong Island). During sales period or peak order seasons, there may be delays in deliveries due to the volume of orders that being processed.

4.3 Customer will be informed if the company is unable to make the delivery within the specified period.

Nonetheless, to the extent permitted by laws, we are not responsible for any damages or losses incurred for any late delivery.

4.4 When the delivery is made, Customer are required to sign on approval to the delivery and Customer may contact if there is any mistake, fault or damage incurred to the Products and Customer are required to provide the delivery documents together with the Products to us when requested.

4.5 Delivery will be made with the standard packaging method.

If Customer request any specific packaging, Customer agree to pay for the additional expenses incurred.

4.7 If the delivery or acceptance of Products is delayed due to Customer denial without any justification to accept the Products delivered or Customer have not accepted the delivery or the Products from the delivery service provider, the company may (without any effect on any right or remedy available) undertake either following actions or both:

a) Charge a fee or any other expense reasonably incurred; or
b) Make no delivery or cancel the delivery and the company will inform Customer immediately on the cancellation of the related agreement, which the company will give Customer a refund or to the credit card company or Customer debit card as applicable for any amount that Customer have paid to them under such agreement, with a deduction of an amount for operating expenses (including the expenses of the attempted delivery and return of the Products and retention charge as provided.

4.8 For each purchase, Electrolux usually provides a one-time delivery service in Singapore without additional charges.

If any additional charges may apply, Electrolux will notify the Customer for approval and consent for additional charges prior to the delivery service.

5. Installation

5.1 Electrolux will provide basic installation service for free for non-built-in products

If the Customer may need installation accessories that are not included with the Ordered Product, the Customer may need to pay an additional fee. The installation service will be on the same day as when you receive your Product.

5.2 The installation services do not include any form of carpentry work such as drilling holes in walls or cabinets.

6. Return of products and refund policy

6.1 Customer may return such Products to the company within seven (7) days from the date of receipt of the Products.

If the Products received have any faults or defects, please contact the Customer Service Division and inform the purchase order number, Customer name and address, details of the Products and reasons for the return In case of the Product return, if there is any discrepancy between the applicable laws and regulation, such laws and regulation shall prevail the terms and conditions prescribed by the Company.


6.2 If it aligns with company's term and condition (subject to section 6), Electrolux will refund the eligible amount to customer through the same mode of payment in the Customer’s transaction. The refund process shall start from the date the Company received the Product and in compliance with the condition prescribed by the Company.

6.3 In some cases, the payment policy/cancellation and refund for some Products may be different from the general standard condition indicated hereinIn such case, the special conditions will be indicated in the details of the Products.

6.4 The refund right may be exercised by contacting Electrolux’ Customer Service by email using the contact details provided on the Site. The notification should include order number and contact details.

a) Product without installation: An authorized third party (“Delivery Partner”), named CEVA, will contact the customer to pick up product at the delivery address indicated by Customer in Customer purchase order.

b) Product with installation: Electrolux shall schedule an appointment with Customer for the pick-up.

7. Damaged products


7.1 If the Products Customer have received have any faults or defects, please contact the Customer Service Division and inform the purchase order number, Customer name and address, details of the Products and reasons for the return and indicate whether Customer would like a refund or replacement of Products.


7.2 Once the Products are accepted, Customer is required to check the Products and Customer will be informed of his right for replacement of the Products or refund (if any) through the e-mail within 7 working days from date received


7.3 If the Products returned have no fault or defects, the Company may not repair or replace the Products and/or may ask Customer to pay for the delivery expenses and repair charge at the suitable amount in accordance with the current standard fees and expenses, and deduct such expenses from Customer credit or debit card or in accordance with details of the payment that Customer have specified when Customer have submitted the purchase order and to the extent permitted by law, they will not take any responsibility for any losses or damage incurred from such incident to Customer. If Customer have any questions, please contact


8. Denial of responsibility


8.1 In case of fraud, fraudulent act, attempt to deceive, we are eligible to close Customer account and/or enforce any rights that we may have against Customer.


8.2 We are not responsible for any loss, theft or unauthorized use of gift or sale promotion coupon.


8.3 The company may suspend or cancel any coupon issued solely dependent on our judgment and is not responsible for any loss incurred from the suspension or cancellation of the coupon.


8.4 Conditions on use of the sale promotion coupon:

In some cases, the company may give away the sale promotion coupon which could be used only with this website. The company will send the coupon to Customer through the e-mail or postal service:

a) Sale promotion coupon could be used within the specified period indicated on the coupon only and could be used only once and could not be used in conjunction with the other sale promotion coupon or other discounts.

b) if Customer purchase order for any merchandise has the value less than the value of the sale promotion coupon, there will be no refund or credit remaining to Customer.

c) The credit of any sale promotion coupon is not provided with the interest or has no cash value.

d) If any sale promotion coupon has insufficient balance for Customer required purchase order, Customer may use one of any payment method acceptable to the company to pay for the difference.

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