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Welcome to the Electrolux washer dryer product page

Experience the ultimate convenience with the Electrolux 2 in 1 washer dryer, your all-in-one solution for laundry. This washer dryer is a device that not only washes your clothes but also dries them, saving you space and the hassle of purchasing a separate dryer.

What is a washer dryer?

A washer dryer combines the functions of both washing and drying clothes in a single machine. It’s a space-saving miracle that eliminates the need for a separate dryer, ideal for homes with limited space.

How does a washer dryer differ from a standard washing machine?

While a regular washing machine only washes your clothes, a washer dryer also dries them after washing. It simplifies your laundry process by performing both functions seamlessly - think of it as a 2 in 1 washer dryer solution.

Benefits of choosing a washing machine with dryer

  • Space efficiency: Washer dryers are ideal for apartments or small homes.

  • Convenience: They can wash and dry large items like bed linens and duvets in one go.

  • Energy efficient: The EcoInverter motor reduces energy usage by up to 50%, which ensures the washer dryer is operating quietly and durably.

Visit our washer dryer buying guide for help in selecting the perfect washing machine for your needs.

Electrolux washer dryer special features

The Electrolux washer dryer comes equipped with numerous smart features that ensure your clothes are clean, saves on drying time, and keeps your garments looking new for longer.

  • Flexible programs: The Quick 15 Cycle—a rapid 15-minute wash suitable for small loads or individual items and Full Wash 60—a 60-minute cycle for a thorough clean.

  • UltraMix technology: This feature pre-mixes detergent and fabric softener with water, ensuring deeper cleaning and preventing detergent residues on clothes.

  • VapourRefresh: not only reduces crinkles and crumpling by 23%, meaning less ironing, more living, but can also refresh clothes through its innovative odour absorption function.

Simplify your laundry experience with Electrolux, where washing and drying become a breeze.

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