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Fabric Care Tips

Handy tips on how to load your laundry

Here’s how to do your laundry more efficiently. Before you load your laundry, think about the types of clothes you are washing so that when it comes to drying, the garments are not damaged and still keep their shape. Make sure there are no metal objects. Button up pillowcases, close zip fasteners and hooks. Then place the laundry in the drum one at a time so that your clothes don’t get tangled.
Handy tips on how to load your laundry
Electrolux Load SensorTM technology
Use the Electrolux Load SensorTM technology to avoid overloading. It automatically adjusts the water, energy consumption, and washing time according to your load, so your clothes are never over washed.
Wash bras, pantyhose and other delicates
Wash bras, pantyhose and other delicates in the Electrolux laundry bag. Never wash whites and coloureds together. New coloured items that new may run in the first wash; wash these separately the first time.

Get clean and crisp shirts with Vapour Care

Get clean and crisp shirts with Vapour Care
The Electrolux Vapour Care makes sure that your shirts are handled with the utmost care. It softens your fabric while reducing allergens by up to 99.9%. The vapour action dewrinkles your clothes by relaxing the fibres. It does this with the vapour generated by heating your shirts with a small quantity of water. In addition, the controlled optimal temperature inside the washer allows the fabric to keep its volume.
The Vapour Refresh cycle
During the wash, your shirts are exposed to powerful temperatures up to 70 Celsius. As a result, you get dewrinkled clothes that require far less ironing. The Vapour Refresh cycle also helps to refresh and de-wrinkle your clothes using natural steam.
The Vapour Care
The Vapour Care feature ensures that after wash, your clothes come out 99.9% allergen free. This is especially good for those with allergies or sensitive skin as well as for the soft, gentle skin of infants. The Electrolux Vapour Care eases their symptoms with our 99.9% allergen free wash.

Go gentle on your wool with our Woolmark certified washer

Electrolux washers are certified by the Woolmark Apparel Care for the gentlest care of hand-wash only woollens. Our machines are even gentler than traditional hand-washing.

Electrolux Woolmark Apparel Care

Go gentle on your wool with our Woolmark certified washer
The Woolmark Apparel Care
The Woolmark Company is the world’s leading, independent authority on wool care. Its apparel care label guarantees that appliances are safe for hand wash-only woollens. The Woolmark Apparel Care label on an Electrolux washer means that you are able to hand-wash those woollens using even less energy than normal. This not only saves you money but it’s more environment friendly.
Electrolux Woolmark Apparel Care
If you have been hesitant to wash your woollen garments in the washing machine, the Woolmark Apparel Care label offers you peace of mind, guaranteeing you the best care for your clothes. Now you don’t need to visit the dry-cleaner every time you need to wash your woollens.


Goodbye to stains
Stubborn stains are frustrating to deal with because a simple wash isn’t enough. They may need to be treated prior to washing.

If you’re dealing with fresh blood stains, make sure to treat them with cold water. For dried stains, it’s a good idea to soak the fabric overnight in water using a special detergent. Treat dried grease stains by moistening them with turpentine and then dabbing with a cotton cloth. For ink stains, moisten the fabric with acetone and then use acetic acid.

In case you’ve got lipstick on your shirt collar, treat the stain with acetone, then apply methylated spirits. The best thing for red wine stains is to soak them in water and detergent, then rinse and treat with acetic or citric acid, and rinse again.
The patented UltraMix™ technology
The patented UltraMix™ technology from Electrolux gives you exceptional washing results at low temperatures. It pre-mixes the detergent and evenly distributes the softener to tackle the entire stained area. Its deep cleaning function helps you get rid of the stains, keeping your clothes vibrant for longer.
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