Electrolux Extended Warranty
Terms & Conditions


Electrolux Extended Warranty (also referred to as “Contract”) is brought to You by Electrolux S.E.A. Private Limited (“Electrolux”). You have indicated Your choice of the Contract You require for the Product(s) on the sales receipt/tax invoice relating to such Product(s) and have agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in this Contract.

This Contract is valid only if it is purchased and accepted by Us. The term of the Contract commences on the date as reflected in the relevant sales receipt / tax invoice relating to such Product(s), for the duration set out in the sales receipt / tax invoice, subject to the terms of this Contract.


In this Contract, the following words have the following meanings:

  • "We," "Us" and "Our" refer to Electrolux S.E.A. Private Limited.
  • "You" and "Your" refer to the purchaser of this Electrolux Extended Warranty Contract.
  • "Accidental damage” means accidental physical impact to the Product resulting in the mechanical or electrical or electronic failure of the Product(s).
  • “Coverage" means coverage of costs and expenses for repair(s) and/or replacement(s) in the event of mechanical, electrical or electronic failure of the Product(s).
  • “Limit” means the purchase price paid by You for the Product(s).
  • “Non-operating” means not affecting the core function of the Product(s).
  • “Product” means the kitchen and/or home appliances purchased from Us as new.



The table below sets out the Coverage You are entitled to, depending on the Contract You have selected:

Electrolux Extended Warranty

Contract type

Manufacturer’s warranty period

Extended Warranty coverage period

Brand new items


24 Months

12 Months starting from the calendar day immediately following the end date of the manufacturer’s warranty period

Brand new items


24 Months

24 Months starting from the calendar day immediately following the end date of the manufacturer’s warranty period

Brand new items


24 Months

36 Months starting from the calendar day immediately following the end date of the manufacturer’s warranty period

Where we accept Your application, You will be provided with coverage based on the Contract You have selected subject to Your payment of the specified service fees prevailing at the time of Your purchase of the Contract and subject to these terms and conditions. We have the right and option at our absolute discretion to either repair or replace Your Product(s) with another of like kind, quality and specifications. Replacement parts are new and original manufacturer’s parts that conform to factory specifications and shall be determined at our sole discretion. You acknowledge that due to technological advances, the replacement Product may be of a lower retail value than the faulty Product.

To avail Yourself to the coverage, You must produce Your sales receipt/ tax invoice for the purchase of the Product and this Contract. Please keep these documents in a safe place.


We will not cover You for any liability arising out of the following:

(a) Defects which occur during the manufacturer's original written warranty period, repairer's warranty, or any other warranty period;
(b) Any defects that are the subject of the manufacturer's recall;
(c) Any refurbished Products;
(d) Any unauthorised modification(s) to the Product, tampering or alteration to the registration label, tampering or alteration of the serial number of the Product without authorisation, failure to follow manufacturers' instructions on installation, operation or maintenance of the Product, repairs to the Product performed by a non-authorised repairer, and/or any items not affecting the function of the Products;
(e) Your failure to comply with manufacturer's recommendations on routine maintenance, inspection, cleaning, lubrication, external adjustments and any other instructions relating to the use and/or upkeep of the Product;
(f) Products used in shops, bars, hotels, nightclubs, laundromats, commercial kitchens, dormitories, and laundries;
(g) Shipping charges, damage charges, express service charges, transportation damage, removal, installation or reinstallation of the Product, Products on loan during the repair process;
(h) Any loss or damage due to burglary, theft, corrosion, animal and insect infestation or intrusion, mould, malicious damage, battery leakage, impact, misuse, neglect and abuse;
(i) Diagnostic fees where no defect has been found;
(j) Defects and on-site service charges not covered by the manufacturer's original written warranty, unless specifically covered in this Contract;
(k) Non-operating defects and/or cosmetic items, paint, colour, or Product finish, accessories used in or with the Product, external cables and cords, or add-on options incorporated to the Product;
(l) All external batteries (including regular non-chargeable batteries and rechargeable batteries) unless otherwise specifically covered in this Contract. For the avoidance of doubt, external batteries include batteries that are removable and/or replaceable by You by design;
(m) Faults caused by external factors arising out of wiring, electrical supply and connection;
(n) Any accidental damage;
(o) Any loss or damage to the Product caused by including, but not limited to, earthquake, storm and/or hurricane, fire, flood, lightning and other acts of God;
(p) Intentional physical damage or water spillage;
(q) Failure caused by a voltage converter and/or applying incorrect voltage to the Product;
(r) Consequential loss of any kind; and/or
(s) Any loss or damage incurred before the date this Contract is issued.


We will not cover any direct and/or indirect loss or injury to a person and/or loss or damage to property or any incidental, contingent, special or consequential damages, including but not limited to losses incurred due to any delay in rendering any services related to this Contract and/or loss of use during the period that Your Product(s) are at an authorised repairer and/or while awaiting the replacement Product or replacement parts, even if You might have informed us of the possibility of such loss or damage.


In the event of that the Product is beyond economical repair as a result of mechanical, electrical and/or electronic breakdown. We will replace Your Product(s) with one of like kind, quality and/or specification.

The replaced Product(s) (i.e. the spoilt unit) shall become our property without any further payment or compensation to You. We reserve the right to pay You the original purchase price of the Product(s) if we are unable to give You a replacement product that matches the quality and specifications of the faulty product, in which case the replaced Product(s) (i.e. the spoilt unit) shall similarly become our property without any further payment or compensation to You.

We will not be liable under the Contract:
(a) if You do not submit the Product(s) to an authorized repairer for repair before the expiry of the Contract; or
(b) where You submit a breakdown report before the expiry of the Contract and do not submit the Product(s) to an authorized repairer for repair within thirty (30) days of the date of the breakdown report.


Your Contract will terminate if any of the following events occur:

(a) expiry of the term of the Contract; and/ or
(b) a successful claim(s) has been made for Coverage up to the Limit; and/or
(c) Your Product(s) have been replaced under this Contract; and/or
(d) We have paid You the limit less any prior losses paid (if any) if a replacement product that matches the quality and specifications of the faulty Product is not available, whichever is earlier in time.

Electrolux Extended Warranty is not an insurance policy or guarantee. Each Contract is a service Contract. It is neither a guarantee nor a promise relating to the nature of the material, workmanship or performance of Your Product(s) covered by this Contract.


If You sell or transfer Your Product(s) to another person within the period of the Contract, You must call the Electrolux Hotline within fourteen (14) days of such sale or transfer to assign this Contract to the new person. You may only assign this Contract if You had purchased the Product(s) with cash or You do not have any outstanding amounts owing on the purchase of the Product(s) or this Contract at the date of such sale or transfer.


Our Data Protection Policy, as may be amended, supplemented and/or substituted from time to time, is incorporated by reference into and forms part of this Contract and shall apply to all personal data that You provide to Us or that We have obtained from any other sources or that arises from Your relationship with Us. The Data Protection Policy is available at https://www.electrolux.com.sg/data-protection-policy/.

You hereby consent to our collection, use, disclosure and processing of Your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Policy and the Contract.

If You provide Us with the personal data of any individual (other than Your own, if You are an individual), You hereby consent on behalf of that individual whose personal data You provide, to our collection, use, disclosure and processing of their personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Policy and this Contract. You warrant that You have obtained that individual’s prior consent to such collection, use, disclosure and processing of their personal data by Us and that the personal data that You provide to Us is true, accurate and complete.

In the event of conflict or inconsistency between this Contract and Our Data Protection Policy, the provisions of this Contract shall prevail.

Any consent You give pursuant to this Contract in relation to personal data shall survive Your death, incapacity, bankruptcy or insolvency, as the case may be, and the termination of this Contract.

If we have records that You have opted-out of receiving marketing materials or marketing calls from Us, then, in accordance with Your decision to opt-out and notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Contract, You will not receive such materials or calls from Us. You may opt-in to receive marketing materials and calls from Us at any time by submitting an opt-in form, which is available from https://www.electrolux.com.sg/data-protection-policy/.


When a Product failure occurs, You must call us at +65 6727 3699 to report the Product failure during office hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, not including public holidays. Our Customer Service Representatives will be ready to guide You through the service process. To expedite service, please ensure that You have Your Contract details readily available before placing the call. If the Product failure is not reported to us prior to repair, the repair will not be approved and will not be covered under the Contract.

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