Sustainability in action: Better living 2030

Over a hundred years in the making, our legacy of better living has transformed households across the world. As we improve your home life, we seek to inspire change — by combining Swedish efficiency with innovative solutions, we aim to shape a more sustainable world.

Today, our lifestyles cost our surroundings more than we think, fuelling a cycle that only aggravates the worsening climate crisis. To mitigate these effects, we must incorporate sustainability in every way we can.

Support us in this initiative that leads to a more sustainable living

When you consider environmental issues, we all know that there is a lot to do to make sure we waste as little as possible, recycle wherever we can, and conserve energy both in our homes and businesses. All of these things are good, but can be fairly easy to neglect in our everyday lives as convenience sometimes gets in the way of what we know we ought to be doing to look after the planet.

As part of the sustainability initiative to promote repair, re-use and recycling of blemished appliances, do your part to shape a better living for our environment!

Purchase one of the refurbished good appliances and help to positively contribute to reducing waste!

Get to enjoy these benefits of being part of Electrolux’s Sustainability initiative*:

- Discounted prices up to 55% savings (off Usual Selling Price).
- 1 year general product warranty
- Free delivery**
- Free installation (Excludes plumbing & electrical work. Installation not provided for built-in appliances)
- Free disposal for appliances of similar type and dimension

*Do note that all products on sale are fully functional and operates the same as a brand new appliance. Blemished marks on appliances include varying degrees of external cosmetic imperfections and flaws.
**Free delivery applicable based on Electrolux’s scheduled date. Otherwise, delivery fee applicable. Free delivery ONLY with lift landing, $20 delivery fee per story will be charged for landing without lift.

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