AquaSense Water Filtration Jug

Developed with 3M PureAdvantageTM filter, this AquaSense filtraiton jug gives you the best tasting water for drinking, cooking, sports nutrition, baby food preparation or simply tasting great tea or coffee!

Filtration Properties

Ultra Fast Flow Filtration

Delivers filtered water 2 times faster than traditional water jug - that is 2 minutes maximum for 1 liter of water. Less time waiting for pure, clean and fresh water.

Filtration Properties

PureAdvantage™ Filter Technology

An advanced 4 stage filtration system, containing 3M Purification Technology. Features four advanced stages of filtration that remove heavy metals like lead and copper, reduce limescale, and eliminate odours and unpleasant taste.

Filtration Properties

Filter Lifetime Indicator

LED filter life indicator – clearly indicated filter life at the touch of a button.

Filtration Properties

BPA Free

AquaSense™ is free of any toxic chemicals that can leak into the water.

Filtration Properties

Dishwasher Safe

Remove the filter indicator and you can safely wash the AquaSense™ Water Purifier in the dishwasher.

Filtration Properties

LGA Tested and Certified

Safety tested and certified according to German food regulations.



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