How to better care for your sportswear

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An active lifestyle is a constant push: Anyone committed to a fitness routine knows it involves lots of tough love. As you strive to make one more rep or lap, your workout gear is probably the last thing on your mind. You may not know it but burning all those calories can also burn through your wardrobe.

If you have ever stepped into a high school gym, stepped into a high school gym, you would be familiar with the stale odour of basketball games long past. Without proper washing, your sportswear could carry the same musty smell. Learn how to keep your trusty workout essentials fresh with these simple care tips.

1. Clean from the inside out

Just like how you watch your diet, washing your activewear should start from the inside out. During your workout, you do not just sweat – the friction of your skin on fabric also causes dead skin cells to stick to your clothes. Made from absorbent fabrics, the inner part of your activewear bears the most soil – which is why it is important to turn each item inside out before dropping them into the washer.

2. Keep it cool

Though heat kills bacteria, washing at higher temperatures can affect the elasticity of spandex and other performance-grade fabrics. Our UltraMix technology dissolves detergents fully before entering the drum, allowing you to wash your garments at lower temperatures. Aside from 40% less colour fading, your sportswear will also retain their snug fit through all your washing.

3. Do not overdo it

Using too much detergent leaves residue on your activewear, which may add to the usual smelly culprits of sweat and skin. With AutoDose technology, our washers administer the right amount of detergent according to your load size, preventing unwanted wear and odour.

4. Stay on track

Leaving your workout clothes in the washer for too long can also be counterproductive in the long run. Overwashing puts unnecessary strain on your garments, which could alter their components and affect performance. Through AutoSense technology, our washers adjust the precise time, water level, and energy needed for your loads. This way, you can maintain optimal care for your sportswear, no matter your schedule.

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