Dryer buying guide: find the best clothes dryer for your home

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Find the best clothes dryer for your home

Using a dryer takes off a considerable chunk of laundry time while offering a great deal of efficiency. It’s faster than air-drying, which usually takes hours — from hanging wet clothes to waiting for them to dry. If you think that it might be time for you to get one, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a dryer that will work best for you and your lifestyle.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself to find the best clothes dryer:

  • How many types of dryers are there in the market?
  • How many people are going to use those dryers, or to put it in another way, which dryer capacity should you consider?
  • Which type of dryer is the most affordable in terms of the product price and operational costs?
  • What features does the desired dryer model possess?

Types of dryers

1. Heat pump dryer

With heat pump dryer models, your clothes will be dried by using hot air to extract water from the load, which then evaporates in a tank. 

Choose this dryer if you’re looking for something that’s energy-efficient. Its exceptional performance boasts a heat pump technology that works with approximately 25°C lower drying temperature than traditional dryers, with no increase in drying time. This puts less damaging heat stress on your garments, with up to 50% less energy consumption. 

Check out Electrolux's heat pump dryer models: 


$ 1,799.00 $ 2,229.00

  • 3DSense ensures optimal drying results.
    • DelicateCare prevents shrinkage and shape loss*.
    • SensiCare protects clothes from over-drying.
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$ 1,799.00 $ 2,229.00

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$ 1,799.00 $ 2,229.00

  • 3DSense ensures optimal drying results.
    • DelicateCare prevents shrinkage and shape loss*.
    • SensiCare protects clothes from over-drying.
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$ 1,799.00 $ 2,229.00

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$ 1,229.00 $ 1,629.00

  • SensiCare protects clothes from over-drying.
    • ReverseTumbling reduces wrinkles for easy ironing.
    • ColourCare reduces fading by up to 80%*.
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$ 1,229.00 $ 1,629.00

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2. Condenser dryer

Unlike heat pump dryers and venting dryers, condenser dryers work by condensing hot air into the water and then pumping the water into a tank of the drain, without the need for a vented duct. This gives you enough flexibility to place your dryer anywhere in your home — may it be the laundry room, the kitchen, or even below the cabinets — making it the perfect option for households with limited spaces. 

3. Venting dryer 

With venting dryer, you need to install a ducting hose to vent out the hot and damp air from the dryer if the dryer is placed in an enclosed room e.g. kitchen, storeroom. 

For large households that go through multiple loads every day or minimalist-driven capsule wardrobe owners, laundry can be stressful when you’re reliant on unpredictable weather conditions. Venting dryers are your best choice as they are an economical option to achieve the fastest drying speed and turnaround time for multiple loads, so you can wash heavy laundry loads and store them right away with minimal fuss. 

Size and capacities

How big or small a dryer should you get depends on how many people are going to use that dryer, your laundry needs, and the space you have for it. 

If you only live alone or just share it with one more person in a limited space, then having a compact dryer would be a reasonable choice. A compact dryer is roughly 60cm wide, which is great for tight spaces. However, if you have an even tighter space that couldn’t fit both your washing machine and dryer, then purchasing a washer dryer combo might be a better idea.
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Full-sized dryers, on the other hand, are generally more suitable for larger space, with 85cm wide. Capacity is another important factor to consider when buying a dryer, which is measured in kilogram. This number indicates the maximum amount of clothes that can be dried in one go.
For example, having 8kg capacity means you can add 8kg worth of clothes in one dry. Typically, you can find dryers with a capacity ranging from 4kg to 9kg in the market. One tip to quicken the drying process is to add a lesser amount of clothes compared to the capacity, as having fewer clothes allows hot air to flow through the entire rum, plus, having more space when tumbling results in less creasing for your clothes. 

Other features

1. Energy efficiency 

Dryer can easily be the most energy-consumed appliance in your house (with refrigerator as the only exception). Energy-efficient appliances tend to be more expensive, but they are worth the cost, as you’ll save money on your home energy costs in the long run. Understanding this, Electrolux has added features that would help decrease energy usage. For example, with Electrolux Heat Pump Dryer's UltraSaver technology, you can save 50% energy usage compared to traditional machines; or with Smart Sensor feature that monitors the humidity in the drum that allows the cycle to stop as soon as your clothes had dried. 

2. Smart feature

Having wifi connection feature from your mobile to your dryer can maximize the comfort of saving time and energy for your laundry. With this functionality, you can receive notifications, monitor, and control your tumble dryer from your mobile devices. Electrolux also provides dryers with Wi-Fi connection to assist you with everyday laundry, making sure your most precious clothes will be cared for in just the right way. 

3. Other drying programs

You can find models with various features that can help you decide which one best suit your needs.

The most basic features include setting for 3 levels of dryness for your clothes: Extra dry, Cupboard dry and Iron dry. 

Other features you can find includes:

Wools: for woolen fabrics, with gentle drying for hand-washable woolens. If doing laundry for your woolen item is crucial for you, remember to check if a dryer has been approved by the Woolmark Company, like Electrolux's dryer. 

Silk: Gentle drying of hand-washable silks. 

Mixed: Mix of garments made of cotton, cotton-synthetic blend, and synthetic fabric. 

Drying rack: For drying sport shoes only

4. Ironed out feature

Ironing is a backbreaking chore – but this is not something you need to worry about anymore. Our dryers come with innovative programs like Easy Iron, which reduces ironing time by up to 50%, leaving you free to do more enjoyable activities and focus on the more important things in life.

5. No more allergies

Spring and summer are lovely seasons – but not if you suffer an allergic reaction and must spend the bulk of your time at home with a red nose and runny eyes. Did you know that you can remove pollen, dust, and other allergens from your clothes by simply tumble drying them? Now that is something not to be sniffed at.

6. Drying shoes faster

There is nothing worse than soaking wet shoes after a rainy day. Rather than leave them out to dry, you can toss your shoes in an Electrolux dryer. Our dryers have a special drying rack that can dry shoes and even woollens. With the Intensive Dry program, you can also put sturdier clothes like jeans in our dryers for quicker drying.

Hope that after reading all information shared in this dryer buying guide you can find the best dryer that can satisfy the whole family.
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Frequently asked question about Dryer

  • How much does a 8kg tumble dryer hold?

    A 8kg or bigger dryer suits large households, fitting 8+ outfits or 8+ towels per load. With a 9kg capacity, tumble dryers can dry up to 45 shirts or even 18 bath towels, allowing you to dry more laundry in fewer loads.

  • How do I choose a dryer capacity?

    Dryers come in different capacities depending on the model and brand. As a rule of thumb, households typically require the following capacities:

    • 1-2 people: up to 5kg
    • 4 people: up to 7kg
    • 4+ people: 10kg or more
  • What are the pros and cons of a heat pump dryer?

    Pros: Energy costs are half or less compared to other electric dryers that do not use a heat pump. No vent is required.

    Cons: Heat pump dryers tend to dry clothes slower than non-heat pump dryers. However, many heat pump dryers have timer functions.

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