• The vacuum cleaner stops
    • The vacuum cleaner stops

    Applies to:
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Bagless vacuum cleaner

    1. Disconnect the vacuum cleaner from the mains. If the vacuum cleaner stops suddenly, the filters should be checked to make sure that they are not blocked or that they require changing. This applies to both bagged and bagless models. Also check if the nozzle or hose are blocked.
    2. Let the cleaner cool down for 30 minutes before plugging it in again.
    3. If the cleaner still does not work, contact an authorized service center.


    • The cleaner might be overheated.
  • Vacuum cleaner has poor suction or switches itself off
    • Insufficient suction power
    • Vacuum cleaner switches-off during use

    Applies to:
    • Vacuum cleaners with bag

    1. Replace the dust bag.
    2. Clean or replace the filter if it is clogged.
    3. Remove the hose and let a coin roll through it to test for blockage.
    4. Check the floor nozzle for clogging.

    If the above tips do not help, please contact our consumer service.

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