Get the most out of your Electrolux Breakfast Ranges. Here's a list of everything you need to know about Electrolux’s Oven Toaster, Coffee Maker & Electric Kettle.

Pop-up Oven Toaster

  • Is it possible to toast and reheat at the same time?

    No. The appliance only operates one process at the same time. It therefore grills in the vertical position and reheats in the horizontal position.

  • What is the best type of bread for an even toasting result?

    Use standard square cut bread. Remember that stale bread toasts faster than fresh bread; frozen bread takes longer. If a slice of bread gets stuck, switch off the appliance and leave it to cool. Unplug the appliance before attempting to remove the bread. You can then remove the bread without the risk of touching a hot element.

  • Will the toaster get too hot or burn my toast if I use it several times in a row?

    The toaster comes with sensor browning control to toast successively several slices of bread with a constant result keeping the same temperature setting. It has been tested in our labs that there’ll be no burnt toasts.

  • Why is my toast soggy?

    When bread is toasted, some of the moisture is turned into steam by the heat of the toaster. If the toast is placed on a cooler surface, the steam will condense back into water leaving the little droplets some people refer to as "toast sweat". To avoid soggy toast, allows steam to escape from hot toast instead of condensing into adjacent slices and making them soggy. Suggestion: use a toast rack to maintain air gaps between slices.

  • How to choose a good toaster?

    Some poorly made toasters only toast a strip across the middle of the bread. Evenness and consistency of results are the key conditions to consider when buying a toaster. Each slot should not produce different results.

Coffee Maker

  • How do I choose between coffee maker and coffee machine?

    If you want to make cappuccinos and lattes you’re much better off with a coffee machine. Buy a coffee maker, if you want to make large quantities of coffee as you produce up to 15 cups worth in one cycle.

  • What is the purpose of non-stick warming plate?

    The non-stick warming plate will ensure that spilled coffee will not stain on the warming plate.

  • How many cups can the coffee maker make in a full cycle?

    The coffee maker can make 10 cups in mugs and 15 cups in coffee cups.

  • What type of water is best use in coffee maker?

    Cold fresh water from the tap is best to brew coffee. Water should be fresh; if it has been sitting too long (or has been heated and then cooled), it will be missing the dissolved air that is an important component of the water's taste. Distilled water and mineral water are not suitable as too much mineral content will hasten damaging lime scale buildup inside the coffee maker, while an absence of minerals will give your coffee and espresso a flat taste while also harming the boiler inside the machine.

Electric Kettle

  • Can I cook in the jug kettle?

    It is strongly not advisable to boil anything other than water in the jug kettle.

    · Never put foodstuffs or foodstuff additives into the kettle.

    · Never heat milk or stock on the kettle. Do not place any objects in the kettle.

  • Why does it have filter when it is only advisable to boil water?

    The filter in the kettle is a scale filter. The scale filter is used to filter out the powdery whitish layer in your kettle. Lime scale deposits on the bottom of the kettle result in loss of energy and can affect the service life of the appliance. The appliance switches off before boiling if the layer of scale is too thick. It is then very difficult to remove. The appliance should be de-scaled regularly depending on the level of the water hardness.

  • What is the temperature of the boiling water?

    The boiling water is approximately 90°C and above. However, the boiling point of water depends on the water purity. Water which contains impurities (such as salted water) boils at a higher temperature than pure water.

  • How long is the warranty period for Electrolux breakfast range?

    The appliance warranty period for Electrolux breakfast range is 24 months from the date of purchase.

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