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Microwave oven buying guide

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We have created a helpful buying guide to select your next microwave oven as we know things may have changed since you last purchased one.

1. Introduction

Microwave ovens are no longer used exclusively for reheating meals or making packet mac and cheese, they have come a long way on the technology front, and you will be surprised to know you could probably cook a 5-course meal in them if you tried.

With the ability to purchase microwave ovens that have the speed of your traditional convection microwave but the functions of an oven, you have an opportunity to get creative with microwave oven cooking.

2. Sizing

Kitchen layout

There are a few things we recommend you consider if you are designing a new kitchen, which ultimately will complement the way you like to cook and move around your kitchen.

Consider your cabinetry

When looking at your cabinetry, you need to consider whether you would prefer a more traditional kitchen design or a more modern look. A traditional kitchen design comes with a cooktop and oven pair one on top of the other. Meanwhile, a more modern kitchen design typically comes with an oven within the cabinetry eye height, paired with another oven or microwave. Ultimately, the amount of space you have to work with can be a decisive factor on which you opt for.

Work triangle or work zones

The most significant consideration when thinking about placement of your microwave oven and other appliances is the size of your working space. However, you will find that a work triangle or work zone layout can work in smaller areas, but some design will work better on a larger scale.

When it comes to a work triangle, you would have your appliances configured so that the line drawn between the refrigerator, cooking appliances, and sink/dishwasher creates a triangle which the cook can easily and efficiently move about the space. Whilst work zones will have you breaking everything up into 5 zones, consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation, and cooking zones allow the space to work in unison of each other.

Purpose of your island bench

Sinks are the most common element found on a kitchen island with a dishwasher underneath it. However, over recent years, there have been kitchens designed around the island bench becoming the workbench, the place you prepare could cook whilst entertaining guests by keeping an eye on the kids' homework.

Size of microwave ovens

When looking at microwave oven capacity, you will typically find them between 20-40 liters. Generally, the only advantage to a larger one is purely capacity and the ability to place larger dishes in it. If you are purely using it for defrosting and reheating a smaller size would be more than suitable.

3. Types of microwave ovens

Built-in microwave ovens

Microwave ovens are not like they used to be, they are designed to be advanced in features and fit seamlessly into your kitchen with matching designs to your other appliances.

  • Multi-level cooking merges defrosting and heating.
    • Grill for browning meats and melting cheeses.
    • 8 pre-set programs expertly cook a range of foods.
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Ideal for:

  • Small family - large family
  • Apartment living
  • Entertainer





Designed to fit

The clean lines and design cues to the full Electrolux Kitchen collection allow our built-in range to seamlessly fit into any kitchen. With the ability to have your microwave oven installed into a cavity within your cabinetry, you will not have another appliance taking up your bench space.

Versatile cooking

With predefined options, you will be able to create dishes that seem like they come out of a convection oven at microwave oven speeds, with them being browned, crisped and packed with flavor. You are spoiled for choice with the ability to choose convection cooking or grill cooking on their own or combined.

Grill rack

With a grill rack addition, our built-in microwave ovens allow you to get the best out of your grill cooking.

Sleek and stylish

Coming in two finishes with the standout being our dark stainless steel, you will be able to add a modern touch to any kitchen aesthetic.

Full touch control panel

Simple to use and easy to clean, our touch control panel on our built-in microwave ovens make it an easy one or two-button touch, and you have total control over cooking temperatures, times and function settings. With the added safety feature of child lock, you can keep your family safe with ease.

Take out the guesswork

With a range of auto-cook features, including auto-defrost, you can select the weight of the food or power setting, and from there you can get perfect results every time.

Faster and even cook with 900W

Our built-in range of microwave ovens allows you to create an even and quick result with 900W of power, giving you flexibility in the kitchen to focus on other things.

Freestanding microwave ovens

Perfect for any household, a freestanding microwave oven allows you to plug and play. With its simple and modern design, you can place your freestanding microwave oven in a dedicated microwave oven spot or wherever you can fit it. With their easy-to-use control panel and easy to understand features, freestanding microwave ovens don't complicate the simple tasks of reheating and defrosting food.

  • Speedy and Simple Defrost
    • Intuitive control provides easy-to-use cooking and cleaning solutions
    • Take up less kitchen space with slim design
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  • CombiGrill to grill and microwave in one program.
    • Grill function expands your cooking possibilities.
    • Defrost setting for quick and even food thawing.
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Ideal for:

  • Family
  • Apartment living
  • Student accommodation

Here are some features to consider before buying a free-standing microwave oven





Get started quickly

With a quick-start button, you don't have to wait around to figure out how to work your new microwave oven out. With pre-set programs, you can select a type of food and weight for your new freestanding microwave oven to do the work for you.

Easy install

With the ability to be placed on your countertop and plug into power, a freestanding microwave oven allows you to move and use your microwave oven with ease.

Class-leading capacity

Coming with a range of capacities, you are not restricted to going big or small. With the choice of 20L or 40L, you can select the right freestanding microwave oven for your lifestyle.

Clear digital display

It only takes one quick glance at your microwave's clear digital display and you'll get immediate feedback on how your dish is doing.

Keeping your family safe

With the ability to stop small hands from using your freestanding microwave, you can select the child lock option.

4. Design & other considerations

Contrast or complement your cabinetry

When selecting appliances, it is essential to consider complementing or contrasting your splash back, cabinetry and other design accents in your kitchen aesthetic.

Where are you going to install your microwave oven?

Are you going to plug in and use wherever you can find a spot for your microwave oven? Or do you have a dedicated area where you would like to place your microwave? The answer to these questions can determine what style you could go with.

If you want to plug and play, freestanding is the way to go. Whereas if you have a dedicated spot or want to pair with your oven, you may want to look at a built-in or integrated model which will have a trim kit keeping it flush to the surrounding cabinetry for seamless integration.

Do you need basic or more advanced functions?

Do you want a microwave oven that is easy to understand and reheat, defrost and cook with a simple touch of a pre-set function? Or do you like to have more control over setting the temperature and length on time? There are models for both kinds of microwave oven users. For this reason, it is important to be clear what you ultimately need your microwave oven for and whether all the extra advanced functions will be wasted in your household.

5. Warranty & service


Subject to terms and conditions our stoves come with 12 months warranty in Indonesia, following the date of purchase. Click here  to view Terms and Conditions.

Support & service

We have a Customer Care team available to assist you over the phone seven days a week, and a national network of experienced technicians and selected service agents. Offering a fixed price guarantee with no additional hidden labour costs, giving you peace of mind that your appliance is in good hands. Click here  to contact customer care.

Microwave oven FAQs 

  • What size is a built-in microwave?

    Built-in microwave ovens are designed to fit standard cabinets widths, which can have different capacities from 25L to 44L, or more.

  • What is a built-in microwave oven?

    Built-in microwave ovens are designed to fit into cabinetry, which allows for free space on the counter. Built-in microwave ovens need to be installed permanently and are normally fixed to walls or cabinets. The installation needs to be done by a licensed contractor and you need to be aware of any restrictions around height position from the floor and breathing space around the sides.


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