S-filter allergy plus filter
S-filter allergy plus filter

S-filter allergy plus filter

  • EFS1W
  • Captures ultra-fine particles and allergens.
  • Washable, low-maintenance filter.
  • Compatible with: Pure C9 and UltimateHome 700 canister vacuum cleaners
  • Average replacement rate: 12 months per piece
  • 1x Filter
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$ 30.00
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S-filter allergy plus filter
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S-filter allergy plus S-filter allergy plus

S-filter allergy plus

The Allergy Plus filter E13 captures 99.95% of particles down to 0.06 Microns, including pollen, mould spores, dust mite faeces and other household allergens. By purifying the air exiting the vacuum cleaner, this filter reduces the risk of allergic reactions.
Washable filter Washable filter

Washable filter

The long-lasting and sustainable filter is designed to be washable for easy maintenance, cleaner air filtration and optimized performance. Simply wash it under running water and let it dry before replacing.


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