Electric Oven

Experience the endless possibilities for great taste with this amazing electric oven!

Oven Properties

120 mins timer

Oven Properties

Electric Oven



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    • Height376
    • Width592
    • Depth486

    • VOLTAGE220-240

    Cooking Modes

    • List of programmesTop Heat + Bottom Heat + Convection, Top + Convection, Bottom Heat, Top Heat + Bottom Heat, Top Heat + Rotisserie & Top Heat + Bottom Heat + Convection + Rotisserie

    Electrical Specifications


    Size & Capacity

    • CAPACITY56 Liter

    Other Properties

    • Included accessoriesGrill Rack, Food Tray, Food Tray Holder, Rotisserie Fork, Rotisserie Handle, Rotisserie Basket, Rotisserie Rod and Crumb Tray

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