60cm RealLife™ Free Standing Dishwasher

This free standing energy efficient dishwasher is perfect for big households with its RealLife™ Basket and XXL tub that give you 15% more usable space. Never miss a spot with the FlexiSpray™ Arm for efficient water spray during cleaning cycles.

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Washing Versatility

AutoFlex program

Let the dishwasher decides the best setting for your load. It’s automatic, saving you time and money.

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Washing Versatility

RealLife™ Basket

RealLife™ Basket creates more usable space to fit your load while XXL tub has 15% more space for loading bigger and odd shaped items.


Intensive Wash

The Intensive wash program ensures your dishes come out squeaky clean. Get spotless clean dishes always.

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Time Saving

QuickPlus Program

Get clean dishes in 20 or 30 minutes with the QuickPlus program. Perfect for lightly soiled dishes.

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Time Saving

Time Manager Program

Reduces program time by approximately 50%. You achieve excellent wash performance, however, drying results may decrease.

Energy Saving

A+AA Best Performance

One of the most energy efficient dishwashers in the market today.



Energy efficiency class

Automatic programmes

Water consumption (l)

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    Appearance & Hardware

    • Main colourSilver
    • Type of dishwasherFree-standing

    Product Profile

    • TypeFree-standing
    • Noise level (dBa)47


    • Height850 mm
    • Width596 mm
    • Depth610 mm


    • Energy efficiency classA++

    Control Panel

    • Digital countdown indicatorYes
    • Salt light indicatorYes
    • Rinse aid light indicatorYes


    • Voltage220-240
    • Connection rating (W)2,200
    • Dry performanceA
    • Cleaning performanceA
    • Water consumption (l)10.2

    Wash Programs

    • Start delay optionsYes
    • Number of programmes6
    • Automatic programmesYes
    • Drying systemDryTech Drying System
    • Water softenerYes
    • List of programmesAutoFlex 45° - 70°, Eco 50°, FlexiWash 50° - 65°, Intensive 70°, QuickPlus 60°, Glass Care 45° & Rinse

    Interface and Control

    • Control settingPush Buttons
    • Type of controlElectronic

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