90cm Inspiration Chimney Hood

This powerful cooker hood uses a superior extraction and recirculation system to ensure that all you smell while cooking is the delicious aroma of your food. Even as it removes smoke and odours, it delivers on whisper-quiet, maximum energy efficiency.

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Power and Performance

Multi-layer grease filter

Effectively removes cooking smoke and greasy hot air to give you a fresh kitchen

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Power and Performance

Shorter Cleaning Time with High Airflow

Inspired by the demand for professional kitchens, Electrolux cooker hoods come equipped with a high airflow for improved air quality and maximum freshness in your kitchen.

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

The Electrolux Cooker hood quietly and efficiently removes cooking odours, smoke and steam – all while making less noise and delivering maximum energy efficiency.

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Convenient To Use

IQ Touch

IQ Touch gives you easy, intuitive touch control at your fingertips.

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Convenient To Use

Dishwasher safe filter

Removable dishwasher safe filters make your life in the kitchen much easier.

Elegant Design

Stainless Steel Surface

Stainless steel surface gives Electrolux cooker hoods a premium look and adds elegance to your kitchen



Control setting

Operating mode

Total power of the motors (W)

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    Product Profile

    • Material bodyStainless Steel
    • Material chimneyStainless Steel
    • Product typeChimney Hood
    • Gross weight21


    • Type of controlElectronic
    • Control settingTouch Control
    • Operating modeConvertible

    Electrical Specifications

    • Connection rating (W)274
    • Voltage220-240
    • Frequency (Hz)50

    Motor /Fan

    • Number of motors1
    • Total power of the motors (W)270
    • Number of speed settings3
    • Noise level (dB(A) re 1 pW)74
    • Maximum output air extraction (m3/h)1100


    • Type of lamps usedLED
    • Diameter of air outlet (mm)150


    • Grease filter materialWashable Aluminium Mesh Filter


    • Height565-1050 mm
    • Width900 mm
    • Depth504 mm

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