• AquaSense

    Freshest, Cleanest Water Every Time

    Enjoy the freshest, cleanest water with the new AquaSense water filter! Its four-step PureAdvantage filter removes harmful impurities from your drinking water at twice the speed and its smart lifetime indicator lets you know when to replace it – so you’ll always enjoy the cleanest water possible!

    Electrolux AquaSense water filter


    Available colors:


    AquaSense gives you the best tasting water for drinking, cooking, sports nutrition, baby food preparation, or simply great tasting tea or coffee! The PureAdvantage™ filter is developed with 3M to provide the best performing filtration possible.


    PureAdvantage filters are twice as fast as comparable products– filtering one litre of water in just two minutes!


    The AquaSense is dishwasher safe – making it convenient to clean and reuse.


    The AquaSense is certified using TÜV Rheinland’s and LGA’s unique testing methods for excellence in filtering and cleaning water.


    The filter lifetime indicator tells you when to replace it – so you’ll always enjoy the cleanest water possible!.

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