Vacuum tips that are great for both your home and utility bill

Vacuum tips that are great for both your home and utility bill

Is your vacuum cleaning out more than just your home?  While vacuum cleaners do make cleaning more fuss-free, it can suck up quite a bit of energy doing so as well.

How energy efficient a vacuum cleaner is usually boils down to a few factors like the amount of energy used, how effective its suction power is, as well as how it filters and collects dust. After all, a green vacuum cleaner provides energy savings – not just in use, but in how quickly it cleans. Here are some tips for getting and maintaining a greener vacuum cleaner.

Stick vs Canister

As with most appliances, getting an energy efficient model  that best suits your cleaning needs is the best way to start reducing your utility bills. Generally, stick vacuum cleaners like the Ergorapido 2 in 1 range utilise less energy than canister vacuum cleaners, because the latter requires more power to pull dust up its tubes.

However, it is worth noting that canister vacuums tend to have bigger motors, which usually means it has more suction power. Canister vacuums like the Ultra Active also come with a wider array of attachments and nozzles, making them more versatile in cleaning hard to reach areas and crevices.

Check its energy efficiency rating

When choosing a vacuum, look out for the energy rating label on the appliance, such as the Energy Star label, which is used in the US, European Union, Taiwan and Japan. Some Southeast Asian countries have their own rating systems such as the Energy Label in Singapore, Energy Rating Label in Malaysia and the China Energy Label in China.

Canister models like the Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green are not only 35 percent more energy efficient than similar 2000W models, it is made up of 55 percent recycled plastics, making it environmentally friendly both in form and utility.

Keep it clean

Keep your vacuum cleaner clean and it’ll be green. Empty the vacuum cleaner’s dust collector or dust bag regularly. The few seconds spent cleaning it out mean that you won’t be repeatedly running the vacuum over the same spot while your vacuum struggles to pick up the dirt and find space for it inside. Longer usage means more electricity used.

Change your vacuum’s filter regularly as well so it doesn’t block the airflow in the vacuum and picks up dust more easily and efficiently.

Go bagless

Bagless vacuum cleaners like the Ultra Active utilise a removable container in the vacuum to collect dust, rather than a vacuum bag. The Ultra Active makes it very easy to keep the container clean and thus energy efficient. Simply remove the unit by the handle and release the catch on its lid to empty it.

Bagless vacuums also have the added advantages of saving money and being environmentally friendly, since you no longer have to buy and dispose of vacuum bags.


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