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#happyplateSG 2016 is social community initiative inspired to raise awareness of food waste in Singapore, focusing on embracing Ugly Food through a social movement #UglyIsTheNewGood.

The social initiative aims to change consumer perception and encourage Singaporeans to embrace ugly food in order to reduce food waste right from the beginning of the food chain.

Find out how by simply hashtagging #UglyIsTheNewGood you can help to support families in need of fresh fresh and good nutrition, in partnership with our beneficiary, The Food Bank Singapore.


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Take a look at what we did in 2015…


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From October 2015 – December 2015 the #happyplateSG community initiative raised food waste awareness in Singapore by rallying the public to upload photos of their empty plates on Instagram with the hashtag #happyplateSG.  For every three photo uploads, Electrolux donated a Happy Food Bundle to The Food Bank Singapore – and together with the help of volunteers we managed to pack and distribute these Happy Food Bundles to 1,000 families in need.


Check out the "Happy plate" photos here

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