recycled plastic become safe and high quality products.

factories run on solar and wind while reducing CO2 emissions.

there are no harmful chemicals in home appliances at all.

At Electrolux Major Appliances Asia Pacific, we focus on finding sustainable, innovative solutions that benefit everyone and make a positive difference, every day.

We pride ourselves on leading in innovation and design, constantly rethinking our products to make them better for consumers and our planet.

We know there are challenges related to local markets like small living spaces and therefore limited place to accommodate electrical appliances; weather characteristics like humidity and heat or seasonal haze conditions.

Therefore, we want to respond to our customers with a natural fit between their needs and our operations. In South East Asia, Electrolux sales focus on home appliances like cooker hobs, gas and induction stoves, front load washing machines and dryers as well as  air care.

As a multinational business with 90 years of innovations and acquisitions, we touch the lives of millions of people our customers, our suppliers and local communities. We want our influence to be a positive one, working in partnership to meet local needs and drive improvement wherever we operate. We work towards making efficient electrical appliances accessible to more and more people.

Is this for the best?”- our mindset behind everything we do.


...CO2 reduction in shipping goods,

...products designed with better-for-the-environment features and being produced with 55-70% recycled plastics

...achieving more with less while reducing our own footprint by running efficient operations across the world

Is this for the best? We believe it is.

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